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Only in the military ...
1. You're expected to show up 15 minutes early for an appointment and you wind up waiting 30 minutes before you see a doctor.

2. They put people in a tiny, cramped room that is periodically invaded by your boss and don't understand why you don't like living there.

3. They keep the people who want to get out and they kick out the people who want to stay in and they don't understand why morale is low.

4. Your supervisor has no idea how to do your job, but grades you on how you do it anyway.

5. You are treated like a 3rd grader but you are told to act like an adult.

6. The people who work in customer service fields are nastier than Drill Instructors.

7. Convicts clean your office.

8. They buy the cheapest equipment, and then spend a fortune trying to make it useful.

9. You go to the emergency room and you are told to come back in two days to see if your ailment gets any worse.

10. You are trusted with millions of dollars worth of equipment, hundreds of social security numbers, sensitive government information...but no one trusts you to go to the gym by yourself.

11. Alcoholism is considered bad, but not after 3 p.m..

12. You have to be in person to sign a leave form for security purposes, but someone can get your records over the phone.

13. They give you a job that only takes 30 minutes to complete, and expect you to stay busy for 5 days.

14. The Military Police has more DUI's and drug-related charges than anyone else on base.

15. You can get sent to train for a job that has nothing to do with your actual job.